Version Electrically adjustable head and foot regions
Material Slatted frame in stipple film coated glued multi-layer birch, stipple film coated cross rail in solid beech
Zone 7
Number of slats 44 - film coated in silver and anthracite
Slats storage Mounted in flexible TRIO caps covering the side rails
Slats width 25 mm
Slats strength (standard / oversize) 8 mm / 10 mm
Facilities Shoulder comfort zone, 9 adjustable levels of firmness, load distributing centre belt
Maximum load capacity 130 kg
Handle height 70 mm
Height 100 mm
Motor Flat motor incl. emergency lowering function, standby < 0,4 W
Deliverable sizes 80, 90, 100 x 190, 200 cm
Overlength 210, 220 cm
Overwidth 120, 140 cm
Special sizes On request

*data based on slatted frames measuring 90x200cm / subject to technical changes